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Interschool Sports!


Hi everyone! I’ve had a request that I should put an interschool sports post on, so here it is!

This term at UPPS we have been doing an interschool sports program thing and it’s been lots of fun. We first got to choose if we wanted to play either football, t-Ball, rounders or netball! They’re all great sports games and we choose wisely.

I played netball because I enjoy it and my friends are on my team and together we win! But, we are not be rude to the other schools children). We use good sportsmanship after the game, if we win or we lose, because we believe if you have fun, then that’s all that matters in the game.

We learn lots of new skills and make lots of new friends with the other schools while playing the game. And sometimes also the teachers!

I LOVE interschool sports and I know that everybody else does too!


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