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12 years old, LOVE cheese, likes watching movies, likes bow an arrows, favourite movie is Corpse Bride, parents divorced at 3, mum (Lisa), dad (Ashley), sister (Taylor), step mum (Megan), step big sister (Kiera), step big brother (Ethan), step younger sister (Aimee), best friends- Alani, Breeanna, Clare, Pheobe and Brayden!

What Are Your Favourite Things?


Hi everyone, When my class does the roll we do a special thing. We have a question each morning and it’s usually about your favourite things. When the teacher says your name, you give your answer. We love it so I thought maybe you would like to have a go too. Here are some questions. You […]

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Dance Mat Typing!!!


Hi everyone, Have you ever wanted to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard? Well, I know a site that helps you do exactly that! Ever since I was in Grade 2 I have been playing a site called “Dance Mat Typing” and it has helped me a lot. I can’t fully look […]

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Genius Hour


Genius Hour is a subject that we now have in our class. We got a choice to make something as long as we would learn new skills doing it. I chose a blog and here it is! Please leave a comment of what you think of it and what you think I can do better! […]

Interschool Sports!


Hi everyone! I’ve had a request that I should put an interschool sports post on, so here it is! This term at UPPS we have been doing an interschool sports program thing and it’s been lots of fun. We first got to choose if we wanted to play either football, t-Ball, rounders or netball! They’re all […]

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Questions and advice!!!


Hey kids! Here’s the questions and advice post, so use it wisely. You give the questions and I give the advice and sometimes you give the advice too!!

Welcome to My Blog!!!


Haiii everyone, welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting!!! I would first just like to say to Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek thank you for allowing us to do Genius Hour, everyone is enjoying it! Also, thank you for making this blog possible! I would not have this blog right now if it […]

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