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What Are Your Favourite Things?


Hi everyone,

When my class does the roll we do a special thing. We have a question each morning and it’s usually about your favourite things. When the teacher says your name, you give your answer. We love it so I thought maybe you would like to have a go too.

Here are some questions. You just need to retype them in your comment and type a – next to it and then type your answer next to that, like this:

favourite fruit- apple, blueberries, mango, watermelon and pears!

You can also type multiple answers. Here are the questions and I look forward to seeing your answers!!

  • favourite fruit
  • favourite colour
  • favourite car
  • favourite movie
  • favourite show
  • favourite movie character
  • favourite show character
  • favourite country
  • favourite hand
  • favourite month
  • favourite day
  • favourite holiday
  • favourite season
  • favourite shape
  • favourite number
  • favourite super hero
  • favourite song
  • favourite singer
  • favourite thing to do
  • favourite place
  • favourite building

That’s all, but if you want you can ask me some!



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“What Are Your Favourite Things?”

  1. June 3rd, 2015 at 12:08 am      Reply Mrs Laffan Says:

    I enjoyed talking to you about your blog Emily. I think it is great that you continued to do the blog even though it was hard. I think that blogging might be a new favourite thing for you.

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