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What Are Your Favourite Things?


Hi everyone,

When my class does the roll we do a special thing. We have a question each morning and it’s usually about your favourite things. When the teacher says your name, you give your answer. We love it so I thought maybe you would like to have a go too.

Here are some questions. You just need to retype them in your comment and type a – next to it and then type your answer next to that, like this:

favourite fruit- apple, blueberries, mango, watermelon and pears!

You can also type multiple answers. Here are the questions and I look forward to seeing your answers!!

  • favourite fruit
  • favourite colour
  • favourite car
  • favourite movie
  • favourite show
  • favourite movie character
  • favourite show character
  • favourite country
  • favourite hand
  • favourite month
  • favourite day
  • favourite holiday
  • favourite season
  • favourite shape
  • favourite number
  • favourite super hero
  • favourite song
  • favourite singer
  • favourite thing to do
  • favourite place
  • favourite building

That’s all, but if you want you can ask me some!



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Dance Mat Typing!!!


Hi everyone,

Have you ever wanted to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard? Well, I know a site that helps you do exactly that! Ever since I was in Grade 2 I have been playing a site called “Dance Mat Typing” and it has helped me a lot.

I can’t fully look at the screen without looking at the keyboard because I haven’t played it in a while, but now I’m going to start again because it’s more than just a game that teaches you how to type without looking at the keyboard. It’s also very fun because they have some people in it that make you want to finish the level and there are some songs while you try to type so you never get bored. You get to play different levels and each level has different keys to learn how to type without looking. Also, some animals are in each level and they sing to you if you go to the next level.

I love to play this game and I think you will too! So click the “Click here” below and you can play this AWESOME game!

Click here

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Genius Hour


Genius Hour is a subject that we now have in our class. We got a choice to make something as long as we would learn new skills doing it. I chose a blog and here it is!

Please leave a comment of what you think of it and what you think I can do better!

I hope you like it!!!:)

Bye from Emily!!:):D

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Interschool Sports!


Hi everyone! I’ve had a request that I should put an interschool sports post on, so here it is!

This term at UPPS we have been doing an interschool sports program thing and it’s been lots of fun. We first got to choose if we wanted to play either football, t-Ball, rounders or netball! They’re all great sports games and we choose wisely.

I played netball because I enjoy it and my friends are on my team and together we win! But, we are not be rude to the other schools children). We use good sportsmanship after the game, if we win or we lose, because we believe if you have fun, then that’s all that matters in the game.

We learn lots of new skills and make lots of new friends with the other schools while playing the game. And sometimes also the teachers!

I LOVE interschool sports and I know that everybody else does too!


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Questions and advice!!!


Hey kids!

Here’s the questions and advice post, so use it wisely. You give the questions and I give the advice and sometimes you give the advice too!!

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Welcome to My Blog!!!


Haiii everyone, welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting!!!

I would first just like to say to Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek thank you for allowing us to do Genius Hour, everyone is enjoying it! Also, thank you for making this blog possible! I would not have this blog right now if it wasn’t for them or Genius Hour!

As I was saying, WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!! This blog is for kids who want to talk to someone about their problems and for me to give some advice (also people who go on this blog can help out as well). Also, I will research all of the new movies, books, what styles in and what styles out.

Please comment on my blog and I will have a questions and advice post soon so you can fill your questions and advice in there but I need your help to get this blog started, so post away!


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